ThemeForest Thoughts – Part 1: Why sell there?

ThemeForest is a popular marketplace for selling web templates and WordPress themes, but is often lambasted for low quality products and poor customer support. In this series of posts, I’ll look at some of the factors you may want to consider before listing your products for sale on ThemeForest.

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Custom Post Types in WordPress themes: Best practice?

I’ve been using WordPress for a few years building sites for clients, and now I’ve decided to enter the WordPress commercial theme market.

I’ve found that Custom Post Types provide a superior experience for my clients to add custom content to their sites. As a conscientious web designer and developer, I also wanted to maintain that improved user experience in my commercial themes, so I was curious to see the best way of incorporating CPTs into themes for sale.

After a lot of research, It seems that there there are four main options, each of which have pros and cons:

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